OS3 / SNE alumni

Event calendar

Friday September 19th 2014

For alumni, students, research group members and affiliates we host a tailor made RIPE NCC training about the measurements tools they have to offer at the Science Park. These tools can be very valuable for research and monitoring purposes. More information can be found at the RIPE NCC webpage. If you like to join please fill out the registration form on the RIPE NCC website and type eu.zz at the RegID field in the form. You will receive a message that you will be placed on the waiting list. This is normal and will be corrected manually by the RIPE NCC later on. A free lunch is included. We will end the event with a social/network drink. After that you are free to join is to a dinner location at your own cost.

Saturday November 8th 2014

At the yearly AUV day multiple alumni are present. Normally we give a presentation or workshop but this year is special because of the UvA exists for 125 years. Currently the plans are being formed in cooperation with the AUV. We will keep you posted.